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Choose your pricing plan

  • Couples Enneagram

    Giving couples a common language through the Enneagram.
    • Enneagram Assessment for Each Partner
    • One-Hour Session for Each Partner
    • One-Hour Session as a Couple
    • Follow Up Material for Further Discussion
  • Marriage: SYMBIS

    Marital Counseling (engaged & married couples)
    • A SYMBIS assessment for each partner
    • 6 one-hour sessions
    • Certificate for discount on marriage license
  • Enneagram Intensive

    How the Enneagram can help your team or group work together
    • Two-Hour Presentation of the Enneagram
    • Enneagram Assessment for each attender
  • Enneagram Intensive+

    Enneagram Intensive (group) + two follow up sessions
    • Enneagram Assessment for each team member
    • Two-hour group Enneagram Intensive
    • Individual Enneagram Sessions 1 & 2 for each team member
  • Individual Session

    Enneagram, Marriage/Relationships, Leadership Development
    • One Enneagram Coaching session or
    • One Marriage/Relationship session or
    • One Leadership Development session
Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans
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