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What is the Enneagram?

One of the resources we use to help us reclaim is the Enneagram.
The Enneagram is one of the most viable tools available for improving our self-awareness in addition to growing
spiritually, relationally, and professionally.
At first glance, the Enneagram might look like another “personality test,” and personality certainly factors into it.


But it goes much deeper than that.

The Enneagram helps us get to the bottom of our motivations, fears, strengths, blind spots, and sins that most often trip us up.
Most importantly, it shows us areas where we can grow and gives us a pathway to seek that healing we so desperately need.

An assessment is helpful for the beginning, but is not all inclusive to our growth. Take the free assessment and then schedule your Free Call with us to discuss!  

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Enneagram Coaching Sessions: Services

Enneagram + Marriage

So often in marriage, we get busy pointing out the blind spots of our spouse. OUCH! Think about it. This is so true.

What if there is a resource and an independent third party that can help both you and your spouse address these issues individually so that each of you grow exponentially? When we each grow, our marriages will thrive organically. And who doesn't want that?


Our Enneagram + Marriage sessions are that resource and our coaches are that third party to help each of you to do your inner personal work. Therefore, improving your marriage dramatically.  


 Schedule your Free Call with us to let us know what you need!  

Enneagram Certification

Each Enneagram coach at The Reclaimed Soul holds a certification through Beth McCord's Your Enneagram Coach.

This program gave us resources to help you understand your type. Therefore we are ready to journey with you on a deep dive of all things Enneagram (wings, triad, arrows, core messages, childhood wounds, how to improve relationships, etc), and can help you grow out of your habits or hangups into the healthiest version of yourself. 

Let us know if you are ready to grow!

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