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Marcy McConnell, Owner

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My name is Marcy McConnell and it is my honor to serve you at The Reclaimed Soul. My favorite thing in all the world is helping you discover your true identity and equipping you to live free. In every single way! 

I myself have been on this journey of self awareness and healing.

Is it easy? No way! But becoming who I am created to be holds freedom that I've only ever dreamed about. 

Imagine experiencing healing deep within your soul and then also in each one of your relationships. Oh how different this world would be! Seeing each of us live with passion and a resolute courage to walk boldly in life is absolutely everything! And I'm here for it. All of it!  


For over 25 years, I have had the opportunity to come alongside people from all over the world and coach them. It doesn't matter if it has been in a leadership role, pastoral ministry, or just in regular 'ol life. 

The people who mean the absolute most to me are my husband and our kiddos. In these decades together, our family has grown in ways I never would have imagined. Loving them and loving all y'all is my jam!


I'm ready to connect with you. Are you?

Meet our Coaches

Coming Soon! 

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